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ARC Folders

The purpose of accumulations of ARC folders in the website is to keep track of all the ARC applications in one place for the ARC committee members to review and decision making references.


The current ARC committee members in 2022 are Karin Thomas, Jodie Pezzner, and Harish Mital.

The filing nomenclature system are named as such;

                           ARC XXXOD,

                           ARC XXXAT,

                           ARC XXXOR,

                           ARC XXXAW,

                           ARC XXXCH,

                           where XXX is the 3 digits of street number, and

                           OD as Odyssey Drive,

                           AT  as Athena Court, 

                           OR as Oracle Drive,

                           AW as Acadia Ways,

                           CH as Chariot Court. 


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