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The NCCPD non-emergency number is 302 573-2800 - this number is appropriate to use when calling in most suspicious people/vehicles in the area. 

New Castle County Police Advise:

All residents should leave their outside lights on at night and install at least one night sensor light bulb(s) in the house, as they would discourage theft.

(HOA Boards suggest residents to install outdoor light sensitive light bulbs.

HOA Boards also suggest installing a locking-door-knob on the first-floor basement door so intruders/thieves cannot come up to the first floor from the basement.)

1/12/2022 Community Meeting Police information:
Provided by
Cpl Sunny Allen

New Castle Community Service Unit

A. Regarding the neighborhood burglaries Det.

     Contact: Matthew Arnold is assigned this case anyone with specific questions

     can contact him at


B. Please signing up cell phones for emergency alerts, the link is below 

     The link for the DEMA portal.


C. DENS Alert Sign up:

Delaware Emergency Notification System (DENS) - Emergency Alert Services - Delaware Emergency Management Agency


The Delaware Emergency Notification System (DENS) is the primary system for public warning and emergency protective action information in the State of Delaware. Municipalities, Counties, and State Agencies utilize the system to inform and warn the public during emergencies that adversely affect the health, safety, and welfare of Delaware citizens.   

thank you,

Cpl  Sunny Allen

New Castle County Community Service Unit

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