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Management System of Violation Report and Resident Interaction Form

1. The filing Process: Individual resident will file the form accordingly, and if there are additional .dot and/or .jpg files to be sent, please follow the instruction, to send them to the President of HOA.

2. The decision Process: Once the file is received by the President of HOA, and/or web manager, the president will review the application report and assign the task to each responsible group, i.e. properties manager, or Board subcommittees, etc.

3. The Management System: Once the Assignment is made, the web manager will create the RIF#, accordingly, and will assemble all the current and previous RIF#'s reports and create a "RIF summary table" for boards' review and following up. the table will contain the assignment date, action feedback, and/or closing date, etc. (The RIFs Summary Table will keep all the violation Report in one place and will never lose the track of the complaint reports)

4. The feedback process: Residents can ask for their (his/her) RIF #, and get feedback, if not being automatedly informed by the web manager.

        Violation Report and
     Resident Interaction Form
Please Specify Your Violation Report and Complain or Suggestion areas

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